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Lucas Oil Products at Wholesale Prices

Delivered to your door by Fedex/UPS USA only

Our clients believe in vehicle preventative maintenance!

Lucas Oil has developed oil additives, fuel additives, hydraulic oil additives, and specialty additives to prevent and repair specific vehicle problems. These additives are blended with the finest premium or synthetic base stocks to create some of the best lubrication products available. Lucas has a solution for most vehicles.

Racing - racing teams push everything to the limit. Successful racing teams use the best lubricants they can find, because break-downs are extremely expensive. Lucas Oil keeps these teams in the race. Lucas oil has been tested and proven in all types of racing.

Trucking - long or short haul trucks are operating under a lot of strain at most times. Operating costs are high. Using the best lubricants is extremely important to increase equipment life and reduce operating costs. Lucas Oil got its start by manufacturing specialty oils for the trucking industry.

Heavy equipment - Lucas has developed hydraulic fluid and additives, heavy duty grease, and long drain interval oils for your truck or heavy equipment.

Personal vehicles - Lucas markets the same products designed for extreme applications, for your personal vehicles. Premium plus racing oil, synthetic oil, diesel truck oil, oil stabilizer, automatic transmission fluid, and fuel treatment work exceptionally well in your personal vehicle, too. Lucas markets several products that directly address vehicle problems, such as, oil burning, power steering leaks, automatic transmission slippage, noisy gear boxes, and fuel related problems, as well.

Lucas Oil Products has become America's number one line of specialty oil and additives by strongly adhering to one base principle. They make only the best. Lucas uses no solvents, no Teflon, no chlorinated paraffin, nor anything else that can be harmful or worthless. The products are formulated with technology far removed from the competition and they spare no expense in making sure every product does everything they say it will do. So buy and recommend Lucas products with confidence.

This is what some of our customers have said:

I've noticed that I get better mileage and the engine runs quieter when I use Lucas Fuel Treatment. We also use the Lucas Oil Stabilizer in the engine and we will be adding it to the transmission to reduce the transmission temperature.

Norm Baggett Trucking Inc. hauls freight cross-country

My car just runs better with the Lucas Fuel Treatment and I have noticed my mileage pick up.

Bill Cusick


We used to open our engine up every race to check for damage and wear. Since we started using Lucas 20/50 Plus Racing Oil and Lucas Oil Stabilizer we have cut our engine tear-downs in half and have noticed no visible wear during our racing season. Our engine builder even commented on the lack of detectable engine wear when we did our end of season examination. We are very pleased with Lucas products.

Bill Alvarez, Alvarez Racing

I used to burn 2 quarts of oil in my Chevy pickup on a 4 hour drive. One cylinder in the truck was in very bad shape. I added Lucas Oil Stabilizer and the oil burning stopped. I am sold on Lucas Oil Stabilizer.

Jim Redmon

We had a car that would not pass the emissions test after a complete tuneup and adjustment. We changed the oil and added a quart of Lucas Oil Stabilizer. The car passed the emissions test.

Jeff Wright, Priority Auto & Tire Center


We had a customer who had an older model van come in with a bad power steering leak. We added one bottle of the Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak and it slowed the leak considerably. It did take another bottle to fix the problem completely but this was an exceptionally bad leak.

Frank Molina, All Night Auto


Thank you for filling my order of Lucas Fuel Treatment so promptly. I haven't checked for better mileage yet, but the car is running far better and smoother than it has for more than a year. Sluggish performance and a slight "miss" after a long climb uphill, has disappeared.

Bob Kriegh


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