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Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak
Renews noisy or worn rack and pinion steering.
Stops all seal leaks!

If you have an annoying power steering fluid leak, or

If you have a high pitched power steering pump noise, or

If you have slack, hard spots or tightness in your rack & pinion steering

Then you are on the right page!

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak

  • Stops seal leaks in your power steering pump
  • Eliminates squeals, tightness, slack and rough spots in your rack & pinion power steering
  • Compatible with all power steering fluids or can replace your current fluid
  • Excellent preventative maintenance fluid for newer vehicles

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak (12 oz. bottle)

This is what one of our customers said:

We had a customer who had an older model van come in with a bad power steering leak. We added one bottle of the stop leak and it slowed the leak considerably. It did take another bottle to fix the problem completely but this was an exceptionally bad leak.

Frank Molina, All Night Auto


Who is Lucas Oil Products Inc.?

Lucas Oil Products Inc. was started by a truck driver named Forrest Lucas and his wife Charlotte in 1989. Since that time the company has become internationally known and is one of the fastest growing oil products companies. The company has offices in the US, Canada, UK, and Australia. Lucas products have been race tested in just about every racing event imaginable.

What Is Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak?

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak is a blend of special oils and petroleum extracted additives. It contains seal conditioners which soften the seals allowing them to seal properly. It also contains additives which coat and lubricate the parts in your steering mechanism.

How do I use Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak?

Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak can be used as follows:

  • Leaks - add Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak (12 oz) until the leak stops, usually one bottle. Occasionally a second bottle is needed to completely stop severe leaks. Do not overfill. Keep adding as necessary until leak stops.
  • Squeals, whines, noise, hard spots - remove (turkey baster) 12 ounces of your old fluid from your fluid reservoir. Fill the reservoir with Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak. Top off the fluid level with old fluid if necessary. Results are immediate.

How much does Lucas Power Steering Stop Leak Cost?

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